The node is not currently synced and may display incorrect balances.
Account Overview
Public Key: B62qnNJJ5sac5hymZWte1cNRLqn1fk7Eijx2H3gd4EfNpWmNdaFTqW6
Username: Unknown
Balance: 0.000000000
Unknown: 0.000000000
Time Locked Balance: Current Minimum Balance: 215000.000000000
Initial Minimum Balance: 215000.000000000
Cliff Time: 43200
Cliff Amount: 17916.000000000
Vesting Period: 1
Vesting Increment: 1.000000000
Nonce: None
Receipt Chain Hash: None
Delegate: None
Voting For: None


Date From To Hash Fee Amount
There are no confirmed transactions for this public key


Date Block Hash Fees Earned
This public key has not completed any SNARK work

Block Production

Date Block Hash Coinbase
This public key has not produced any blocks